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At Resilient Ocean we are determined to help increase the number of projects and businesses focused on Blue Carbon, while fostering best practices that follow scientific advice. We offer you a member's platform to connect with specialists in your sector, where you can define your business idea or improve it till perfection.













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Our Topics

Our Topics

We have curated a list of news around the most promising topics impulsing sustainable innovation in the Blue economy sector during this decade.

Blue Carbon

Blue carbon ecosystems can store 10x more carbon than tropical rainforests. Read to learn more about blue carbon ecosystems.

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

Proposed methods for increasing the ocean’s ability to remove and store carbon dioxide.

Carbon Emissions

Carbon Removal to deliver net-negative emissions to cool the planet and begin restoring the atmosphere.

Carbon Markets

International carbon markets can play a key role in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively.

Ocean-based Solutions

As a source of sustainable climate solutions, the ocean can support the effort to keep the goals of the Paris Agreement within reach.

Sustainable Extractive Industries

Extractive industries have immense potential to
drive growth, support sustainable development,
and reduce poverty.

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