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Since there are new startups and projects launching nearly every day, the real question is:

How can you filter out the best practices?

We have decided to save you the trouble. Scroll to check out some of the most promising new blue economy projects based on their success stories, and venture-backed funding they have raised so far.

Research & Pilot Projects

Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Seaweed Carbon Farming Project

Oceans2050's research lead by Professor Duarte is mobilizing a global network of leading seaweed scientists and seaweed farm operators who are sampling sediments from 19 seaweed farms in 12 countries on five continents, which will provide the solid empirical evidence for the carbon sequestration rates. 

Underwater split shot of the sea weed garden on the island of Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia

Project Vesta

Project Vesta is a Public Benefit Corporation, with a mission is to further the science of Coastal Carbon Capture and galvanize global deployment.

Image by Shifaaz shamoon


SeaForester aims to reverse the alarming disappearance of seaweed forests in the world in order to safeguard the oceans’ vital role of carbon sequestration, maintaining fish stocks and securing the planet’s wellbeing.

Image by alexandros Giannakakis

Regenerative Ocean Farming

Bren Smith, co-executive director and co-founder of GreenWave and owner of Thimble Island Ocean Farm, pioneered the development of regenerative ocean farming. a low-impact way of producing vast quantities of food for a growing population. 

Image by John Angel


WaveRoller provides a reliable, stable and predictable source of renewable energy that compliments more intermittent technologies such as wind and solar.

Image by Jeremy Bishop


AquaBattery provides eco-friendly, cost-effectively scalable, and safe energy storage technologies to help accelerate the energy transition to 100% renewable energy without the need of significantly upgrading the PowerGrid connections.

Image by Thomas Kelley


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